Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Vending Services

You frequently ask these questions

Will we be charged for the vending machines?

No, with our free on loan plans, there is absolutely no charge for the vending machines.

How do you make any money?

We generate our income solely from the machine usage.

Can we provide free drinks to our employees or visitors?

Yes, we can make the machines ‘free vend’ to the user. Machine audits are taken monthly, following which we provide an invoice itemising number of vends taken. (There are options available to control ‘free vend’ usage if required, such as unique user fobs or tokens)

and these too…

Will the products be expensive?

No, unlike other vending companies, there are absolutely no management fees, hidden service costs or dreaded minimum usage penalties. As such our products are always priced competitively as we rely on sales to generate income.

Do you provide a Service Level Guarantee?

Yes, always. Our business model works exceptionally well for the customer – this is because if for any reason the vending machines are not well stocked and maintained we lose our revenue from them.

What number do I call for your 24/7 Support?

Call 07539 935111 for our 24/7 Customer Support.

Our Promise To You…

Zero Cost

Vending machines, supplied, installed, stocked, and serviced completely free of charge.

Rapid Service

We guarantee you a ‘fast track’ response time in your service agreement.

Tailored Solutions

Hot drinks, cold drinks, confectionery, fresh food, water coolers – the choice is yours.

Happy Customers

We have lots of them – businesses and organisations
of all sizes.

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